Hahn’s Macaw Care Guide

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Published: July 27, 2021

Last modified: April 28th, 2022
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A good size, great personality, and very cuddly parrot, the Hahn’s Macaw is a wonderful pet and companion. Learn all about Hahn’s Macaw care here.

The Hahn’s Macaw can live over 30 years when well cared for.

Hahn’s Macaw Size:

They grow to be about 12 inches long at full maturity with a wingspan of up to 16 inches.

Hahn’s Macaw Care:

Lots of human interaction and plenty of toys, including puzzle toys that simulate foraging behaviors are a must for the Hahn’s Macaw. They need lots of physical activity and mental stimulation to thrive.

The Hahn’s Macaw are known for being hard on toys, so be prepared to replace them often.

If they don’t get enough physical activity the Hahn’s Macaw are prone to becoming overweight and other health issues, so these birds are not good for owners who don’t have plenty of time to give them every day.

These birds are highly social and form close pair bonds. Couple that with their needs for mental stimulation and it’s obvious why that these birds do better when kept in pairs.

Hahn’s Macaw Diet:

The Hahn’s Macaw needs a balanced diet of pellet and seed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables added.

Hahn’s Macaw Habitat:

You will want a cage that gives your bird plenty of space to move around, especially if kept in pairs (which we highly recommend), so our suggestion on cages for keeping Hahn’s Macaw is this Corner Bird Cage.

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Corner Bird Cage
Corner Bird Cage

Hahn’s Macaw Behavior:

These playful birds are very intelligent and rather easy to train to do tricks, they’re also excellent talkers that can learn large vocabularies.

Be aware, the Hahn’s Macaw are known for learning to open their own cage doors when they’ve had enough alone time inside.

Hahn’s Macaw Care Synopsis:

Give them plenty of affection, attention, and space to play in and the Hahn’s Macaw makes for a wonderful pet companion. Not for owners with busy lifestyles because of their attention demands, but otherwise an all-around good bird for most owners.

You can dive deeper into the specifics of Hahn’s Macaw care here.

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