About Us

We are a group of passionate bird lovers who want you to get the most out of your experience of adopting a bird into your family.

Our articles and guides are fully researched and fact-checked to ensure we’re offering the best information that we can for you.

Our Editorial Process

We take great pride in the work that we do and always strive to provide thorough, honest, and impartial advice to our readers.

We employ a multi-layered editorial process that allows us to aim for highly accurate, impartial, and impactful content across the topics covered.

We only promote products and companies that are ethically sound, that are transparent in terms of the materials and ingredients used, and that we have tried and tested ourselves.

Our editorial process starts with research and takes us right through to the final edit and publication.


Our lead writers pull from their own experience and knowledge, personal contacts, and other resources to decide what topics they will write about and then create the most accurate, informative, and entertaining content that they can.

The writers are encouraged to include media (images and videos) within the content at this point, however, that media may be removed or substituted during the fact-checking stage due to usability or copyrights.


Once the content is written one of our site editors along with a secondary writer will work together to fact-check it for accuracy and verify the allowed use of any included media within the content.


Our lead writers have no connection to the affiliate networks that we work with outside of being consumers themselves.

While the site does earn small commissions through affiliations with certain outlets, those affiliations do not sway what topics are covered; and the content our lead writers produce is never influenced by monetary gain.

In fact, it is only after a piece of content is written and has been fact-checked that any affiliate links to products or services mentioned within the content may be added–without changing the content in any way–by our fact-checking editor.

Final Editing

After being researched, written, and fact-checked, a final line-editing is done for spelling and grammar corrections as well as screening the content for real-world usability.

Often additional media such as illustrative graphics or video are added at this final stage to improve the reader experience or better explain topics covered within the content.

Some of Our Team:


Aerika Pedersen – Full-time writer, bird owner, and mother.

Aerika spent three years caring for birds at the Antwerp ZOO in Belgium before deciding to start her own family and write from home to share her experience and knowledge with other bird lovers.

nick 1

Nicholas Burns – Veterinary Technician, amateur Ornithologist

Nick has volunteered at bird rescues since he was a teenager and worked as a veterinary technician for almost two decades. He has extensive experience with animal care and a special love for birds, especially his African Grey, Scrooge (who knows all the bad words!).