Why Birds Are The Best Pets

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Published: September 3, 2021      Written by Aerika Pedersen      Fact Checked:

Last modified: July 12th, 2022
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Why Birds Are The Best Pet
Why Birds Are The Best Pets

There are probably more reasons why birds are the best pets than any article could ever list out, but such a list would be pretty boring we think so instead, we’re going to just focus on some of the key points.

Pet birds are often thought of as one of the best types of pets for many reasons. Their living requirements are much simpler than other pets. They require much less attention than other pets, which means less time is needed to take care of them. The only time certain breeds need attention is when they are having trouble with something, so they are great for people who don’t have a lot of free time.

The joy in their eyes when you come home always makes your day better too.

Why Birds Are The Best Pet

The benefits of birds as pets are endless. For one, they are less expensive to take care of than a cat or dog. Birds also do not need to be walked, which is a huge plus for those who cannot commit to a pet that needs constant attention. They also require less time investment than caring for an animal with fur.

Reasons to get a bird

It’s true that lizards and snakes are reptiles that tend to be less expensive than birds. They can also be easier to maintain than birds, but this isn’t always the case.

For example, bearded dragons need a cool, moist environment with high humidity and loose substrate. To do this, you need to spend $250 for a terrarium, $100 for ultraviolet light, and another $150 on a heating lamp.

Birds Make Great Pets

Bird Talk

Some birds can talk. One of the most famous talking birds was Alex. Alex the Grey Parrot is a subject of a documentary made by British naturalist and animal behaviorist, Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

Alex was a wild-caught African Grey who is now deceased. He could understand English and had a vocabulary of over 100 words. Alex knew nouns, verbs, and even understood some time concepts.

He could say different things depending on how the words were combined. Pepperberg did a great job in demonstrating that parrots can learn many skills and can mimic the behaviors of other species.

Talking About What Kind of Bird to Get

Birds are great pets. You get to feed them and they don’t require a lot of attention. It is important to pick the right type of bird for your home before purchasing one.

Birds are fantastic, low-maintenance pets that are perfect for people who are looking for a calm and easy-going companion. Birds are social animals who enjoy interacting with humans and make wonderful companions. Some breeds don’t require much attention and can easily be taught to do tricks like fetching small objects.

Choosing the Right Bird

There are several factors to consider when deciding what type of bird is right for you and your home.

Space is a biggie. You should always provide your pet bird with the largest cage you can afford, but there is a huge difference between a small cage made for finches and a floor-to-ceiling parrot aviary cage.

Speaking of what you can afford, this goes not only for cage size but also some birds have more veterinarian and specialized dietary needs than others, and this all comes with price tags attached.

Noise is another factor to think about. If you live in an apartment or with neighbors very close to you then you may want to avoid certain breeds that are more lively and loud.

Finally consider your personality, time availability, and desires in a pet bird. Do you want a bird that you will tame and train, meaning working with it daily, or do you just want a chirpy companion that you can enjoy watching and listening to?

Once you’ve thought about all of these things, talk to the breeder or pet shop employees where you plan to purchase your bird and get their expert advice before making your final decision.

8 Reasons Why Birds Make the Best Pet

  1. They will entertain you for hours by playing and singing
  2. You can teach them tricks
  3. You can talk to them
  4. They are low maintenance
  5. They are not (normally) destructive
  6. They are easy to clean up after
  7. You can take them outside
  8. They are not very demanding

Is it cruel to keep pet birds in cages?

Many people believe that keeping pet birds in cages is cruel, but most experts say it is not. Many birds are naturally solitary creatures, so they are usually content with being on their own.

It is also not cruel to keep pet birds in cages as long as the cage is large enough to provide your bird with plenty of space and is cleaned regularly. The cage will be the bird’s home, and it should be treated like any other home by providing it with warmth, shelter, and food

What are the best talking bird breeds that can be kept as pets?

There are many breeds of birds that can talk, or mimic sounds and words that they hear, but our list of best-talking birds to keep as pets is:

You may also enjoy these bird owner resources from veterinarians as well.

Aerika Pedersen – Full-time writer, bird owner, and mother.

Aerika spent three years caring for birds at the Antwerp ZOO in Belgium before deciding to start her own family and write from home to share her experience and knowledge with other bird lovers.

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